Saturday, July 02, 2005


And lo. Like the mighty oak which weathers the mild rainshower, I remain. Kinda. I can't give any real reason that my last post should have been Wednesday, but what can you do.

Things that have happened since then.

  • Luther Vandross died, which is important in that it allows me to bring up a sort of contest as well as the problems existing in said contest. While I'm not one to keep track of the doings of celebrities, including who wears what and who looks sullen in one photo but not in the next (Jenna pointed out such a pair of photos that was being cited as evidence that the subject of the photo is now in a permanent state of depression in comparison to earlier, whereas all it really proved is that when people know they're having their picture taken, they're more prone to pose) I follow more closely celebrity death. It started as me mentioning to my mother that "Hey, so and so passed away, did you hear that yet?" and somehow morphed into a morbid competition to see who can alert the other of the latest death first. Call it creepy. Anyway, the problem that arises is that I've found that I'm not able to count all reports, but only ones concerning celebrities she's heard of. For example, asking her if she's heard of the recent deaths of John DeLorean or Hans Bethe will be met with questions of "who are they?", which completely destroys any shock or grief at their passing. I had to explain who Rick James was. You see my conundrum.

  • A few more days at McDonald's, a few more dollars, though I don't actually have any of that money yet. They have paid me for the orientation I completed in early June, but as it was only for one was less than actually significant. C'est la guerre.

  • The Pirates have continued to skid, resulting in some rants from Pat of Where Have You Gone and Rory of Rory. C'est le jeu.

  • Spain snuck in right before Canada to become the third nation to legalize same-sex marriage following the Netherlands and Belgium. Those sneaky Spanish. Ce sont les droits.

  • I guessed at how to say things in french. Particularly that last one.

That's it, I think. maybe I'll post again later, so as to lower my average time between posts. And then I'll pretend anyone keeps track of how long I don't post. And makes a statistic out of it.

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i like french