Saturday, July 09, 2005

Ezra Brooks

Well, it's 2am, and I'm once again stuck with the responsibility to kill time. The problem, I think, with Project Gutenberg, is that I the only thing that's there is that which has had its copyright expire, and that leaves classics, which aren't exactly light reading material. But, we move on.

Pirates 6-Mets 5. How the hell did we pull that one off. I had to drive to Oakland to pick up my cousins from the hospital during the middle of it, and so only saw the first four innings and innnings 9 and 10. At first, it seemed as though we were continuing to have decent pitching (disregarding a balk) and Jason Bay came up with a few clutch catches and Rob Mackowiak reminded us why he's an outfielder (and not...say...third baseman), but the bats weren't doing anything. Fast-forward to returning home (my car radio is broken) and it's the bottom of the 9th, 2 outs with the scoreboard reading "Mets 5 Pirates 1". I resigned to another loss, but somehow, they pulled it off. Tike Redman actually GOT the clutch hit. And Cota was a hero for the second night in a row in the 10th. Good. We come up with our biggest comeback of the year against Milwaukee, split a series with the Phillies, and are one game up against the Mets, going up against Ishii tomorrow. We'll see. Hopefully, we can start to pull ourselves out of the recent funk (losing 17 of the last 25) going into the All-Star Break.

Related notes: The Olympics will not contain baseball or softball in 2012, which the IOC claims is a reflection of the lack of popularity worldwide of the sports as well as the fact that the MLB is planning to unveil a worldwide championship of their own. So there's that.

Also, MLBlogs has been revealed, offering those of you out there with baseball blogs the chance to ...have the MLB list them for $5/month. Don't do it.

The recent attacks in London has inspired Pittsburgh's Talk Radio to muse on whether or not Pittsburgh has anything to worry about. I'm going to go with no. We're simply not a big enough player even within our own country (much less the world) to be targeted. It's more reasonable than the people that worried about an attack when they were in Meadville, Pennsylvania, but I still believe the risk of a terrorist attack in Pittsburgh is relatively low. Not non-existant, but relatively low. Hopefully, I'm never proven wrong.

Here. Do the jumble.

I'm...I think I'm going to read something. I've got Ulysses pulled up once again, but that's probably not going to happen.



Steve said...

yay for pirates starting to pull their heads out of the ground!

Amber said...

Well for one sorry for calling you for work...I'm sure that was the last phone call you wanted to get.

And two, I bring you worse news about work.

Ready for this?

There's a new manager. And I have a very odd feeling a lot of us are going to be quitting.

Hint: Caroline.