Tuesday, July 26, 2005


I forgot to include this in the last post, but it bears immediate publication. I've been watching my fair share of zombie movies recently, but none of them has anything that amounts to the sheer creepiness and unnerving power of legions of Deep Roy stalking you in the night. Holy mother, that's the scariest actor to ever walk the earth.


makemeabigmacbitch said...

ah yes well Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is a Tim Burton film, it needed SOME scary element. Burton just thought it would be too tramatic for children if he had gone with his orginial plan of having Caroline run around nekkid in the background. :-)
Seen previews for Corpse Bride? I'm excited for that one.

Matt Betush said...
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Matt Betush said...

yah, i just read a story on him
he had to do pilates to get ready for the role

Jenna said...

not as scary as the original oompah loompahs
oh god they were horrible

-Murphy said...

Seeing that typed out...I have a plan!

Gentlemen, behold.
A frilly bath sponge in the likeness of a red-jumpsuited Gordeep Roy.

The Oompah Loofah.

We'll make billions...

Of children cry incessantly.