Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Deep Throat Revealed?

W. Mark Felt has now claimed that he is the infamous "Deep Throat" source from the Washington Post's investigation into Watergate and since CNN has latched onto this story like a leech, I thought I'd have some input, however few people will ever actually see it. I hope it's Felt. He's been suggested as the leading candidate by Slate's Timothy Noah and would have been privy to the information that was gained as the second-in-command in the FBI. He's 91 now, which has caused some to claim that he's just confused as he does have a history with dementia, but this is to avoid the important issue. Not "who was Deep Throat", but "why was he such a mythical figure". It's not as though he gave original information (rather confirming that was already obtained) and represents the most incredibly solid display of journalistic integrity to sources. While his job security has been given as the reason he originally wished to remain anonymous, Felt has claimed he did not want to bring dishonor to his family and those that deny being Deep Throat often cite patriotism and loyality to the president. This is the most confused and offensive excuse that I've ever heard. The American public deserved to know that their president was actually involved in illegal behavior (no, Clinton does not count. Marital infidelity is not a legal offense and is a private matter. He should have been, and was, impeached on committing perjury, but committing perjury on a private matter as compared to one of something which actually affects the lives of Americans, such as watergate, is so minor as not to be newsworthy.) Nixon's actions led to a generation defined by political cynicism and mistrust that carries through to today's political blogs. Deep Throat's work to uncover wrongdoing and to say from a completely nonpartisan standpoint that what Nixon was doing was wrong is honorable. Deep Throat, as it were, is an important historical figure not only because of the journalistic devotion that his identity represents, but also for acting as a whistleblower. He is not to be blamed for the cynicism following Watergate, that's the arena of those that committed the crimes.

Monday, May 30, 2005

TWICE IN THE SAME DAY. Only once before have I posted more than once in the same month, so this must be some kind of mistake. Here's why.

Movies. There are two that I have to talk about if I'm going to be able to allow myself to sleep tonight. The first of which is Team America: World Police, or Why Being Funny Is Unneccessary If You Have Marionettes. It attempts. Perhaps I'm not mentally sound, but I just don't find any actual humor in this. Commentary on American jingoism? Good for you. I agree that jingoism exists and is widespread, but having puppets drive this point into the heads of the viewers repeatedly with a sledgehammer through very, very thinly veiled satire is not my kind of funny. Satire, itself, is fine. I like satire. But not when it's so damned heavyhanded. Plus, and here I might be prejudiced, I don't like the marionettes. If you're attempting a goofy, over-the-top satire, just do it. Don't bother with gimmicks to carry the satire, have the script do that.

Perhaps I was expecting too much from this one.

Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith was fantastic. Everyone who tells you otherwise is lying. The special effects were remarkable, fight scenes were well done...the philisophical reasoning behind Anakin's turn to the dark side even meshed incredibly well with the original trilogy. People running around you saying "Don't see it, as everything George Lucas has done since is rubbish"? Ignore them. That kind of elitist mentality and adherence to movies that here's a surprise weren't that well done in the first place is ridiculous. But guuuuuys, the dialogue is bad. That's the most common complaint about the new trilogy. GUESS WHAT. "But I was going to go to Tosche Station to pick up some power converters" isn't dramatic gold. They've all got campy dialogue. They always have. Shut up with how much you hate Jar-Jar, block him out for the 5 seconds he's in the movie and enjoy the campy action flick. Can you draw philisophical implications from the movie? Of course. It's ripe with them, but you have to be able to shut up for thirty seconds about how much you can notice the CG to have the conversation about why the Jedi conceal the truth on several occasions while Palpatine never actually tells a technical lie and Dooku straight up informs Obi-Wan that the Sith are in charge (in AOTC). Until you can look past the corny romance dialogue (which...actually, this is where I make a parenthetical commentary on what I would have done...Padmé's part was completely shafted. She's taken from Queen at 14 in Ep I, to Senator-because-term-limits-are-on-the-queen's-office in Ep II to lonely and confused housewife that can't do anything but sit around her penthouse in Ep III. What was awesome about the character was her strength, and it's been all but amputated...Now, if you'll remember, I was saying something about ignoring the corniness) you'll never be able to actually enjoy it. Yes, it might not be as good as the first trilogy. Yes, the dialogue is corny. But good god man, just enjoy the movie.

Then, if you want to talk to me about how to rationalize the decision of the Council to hide their weakness of the Republic and how the Empire and the Alliance differ, call me.


I haven't touched this thing in a very, very long time. Just attended the Marlins @ Pirates game (May 29, Pirates over Marlins 3-2 in 10) with Jenna, Rory, RJ, Betush, Rory's niece and his friends. The Bucs are now 1 for 2 in home games that I attend, though this one was much, much different than the last. Mostly, no near-fights. Sunny day. I think I'll try out kayaking soon.

RJ doesn't actually live too far from Jenna which would be cool if I could happen to catch him between rounds of Tales of Symphonia. Looks unlikely, from what I hear.

Now that my friends are either in another country or not around and I'm still summerjobless for the time between obtaining a degree and starting another oen (though I did have an interview recently, this has been excessively boring. I'll try to update this more in the coming days, like when I have something to say.