Monday, May 30, 2005


I haven't touched this thing in a very, very long time. Just attended the Marlins @ Pirates game (May 29, Pirates over Marlins 3-2 in 10) with Jenna, Rory, RJ, Betush, Rory's niece and his friends. The Bucs are now 1 for 2 in home games that I attend, though this one was much, much different than the last. Mostly, no near-fights. Sunny day. I think I'll try out kayaking soon.

RJ doesn't actually live too far from Jenna which would be cool if I could happen to catch him between rounds of Tales of Symphonia. Looks unlikely, from what I hear.

Now that my friends are either in another country or not around and I'm still summerjobless for the time between obtaining a degree and starting another oen (though I did have an interview recently, this has been excessively boring. I'll try to update this more in the coming days, like when I have something to say.

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