Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Satori Lettuce

That's funny. I just completed the away message mambo and found myself startled at a very familiar occurrence. Nearly everyone that was away had some variation of "I'm sleeping now." Which sent me into a kind of deja vu, except that instead of being tired from being up all night analyzing NMR, I'm tired and greasy from being up all night making McEverything. While at work today, I went through several shifts as to whether or not I should do a job inspired blog series. The progression went as follows.

  • The travails of a young student who, having taken the summer off from his life's calling, chooses to discover the other side of the drive through window, mirroring a travel/self-discovery book, except that I don't travel other than between the Nigro Residence in Trafford and the Murphy Residence in beautiful Russellton, land of magic and wonder, as well as pizza shops and tanning salons.

  • Exposé on the grueling fast food industry, where trade secrets and McChicken are constantly teetering on the edge of being safely within their respective cages and falling onto the mayo of public knowledge and the lettuce of personal enlightenment.

  • Daily briefing, in no formal way, in much the way that I do current event posts.

  • Top ten reasons I dislike mustard, except that I could only come up with three and only one (it dissolves less well in water than ketchup, making it harder to clean off of things and has a tendency to harden,) was actualy objective and applicable to people who aren't me. And even then, only applicable to those who have to clean mustard from places, who are generally fewer than everyone.

In the end, I believe the world would be better served if I dropped the idea and continued with the random.

Dammit. I just realized now that I'm in Trafford that I have videos due today, which are resting gently in Russellton. I'll not deal with that now. I'll deal with that later. After a shower and sleep.


Rory said...

"McEverything" that's good. I guess a good way to talk about work would be to put 'Mc' in front of everything. Like, "I can't believe I left those McFucking Movies at home."

Steve said...

I have to clean mustard off of shit.
Remember Janitor = that kid ----->
So I sympathize. A lot.