Tuesday, July 26, 2005

News Roundup-July Whatever it is, 2005

Holy Not-Much-To-Post-About-Despite-The-Feeling-of-Obligation-Inherent-In-Not-Having-Posted-For-Nearly-a-Week-Which-Is-Only-Offset-By-The-Fact-That-RJ's-Blog-Seems-To-Have-Slipped-Into-A-Coma, Batman!

I kid. But only halfway. There's very little that's been occurring that evokes a desire to post, but I'm going to do it anyway, because...I have time before I go to work. Let's start with news, shall we?

They got around to launching Discovery, which NASA is hailing as a sort of milestone (which seems remarkably odd, considering its value as such a milestone is tied to the idea that they finally figured things out enough to make the Shuttle safe again) and reports that the intent of the mission is to make deliveries to the ISS and test the safety features of the Shuttle, which again, seems odd in that the safety features (like being able to see the outside of the shuttle) seem like they should have been in place already OR should have come earlier than five years before the entire program is discarded.

In short, NASA=mildly convoluted.

Lance Armstrong won the Tour de France, which appears to be remarkable (aside from the whole overcoming adversity aspect, which I think was proven by the time he'd one the previous six) in that it made America pay attention to it. Slate ran an article a bit ago that seemed to be begging for Lance to not win, as well as the people running the Tour to fix it. I watched exactly zero minutes of the Tour de France, though I will note that yes, it's probably some incredible feat of sport and I couldn't do it.

Again, ...

Police in Britain killed This Guy and then found out he had nothing at all to do with the recent bombings in London, which is why they killed him in the first place. That Guy's brother brings up the good point that the police allowed him to board a bus without saying anything, despite thinking he was a suicide bomber and then shot him because he was running, which is kind of common in a subway. The police have apologized, and the family has rejected it, and it's all a big mess.

The Pirates won 3 of 4 against the Rockies, but they're the Rockies (no matter what their record is after the break in comparison with the rest of the NL West) and they're going up against the Marlins tonight. So...we'll see.

I'll log back in after work if it proves at all interesting to myself (while holding almost no value for you) such as if coworkers break the grill again.

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