Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Zombie Dog!

I'm not saying I should know all of what's going on in the Pittsburgh area. That'd be ridiculous, and I've got many more things to do than keep my ear to the ground regarding the happenings of the nearest metropolis. I mean, what with learning the effects of Laundry Cart v. Foot, how can one be expected to know even the smallest percentage of what's happening in our fair city. That said, the Safar Center at Pitt should have been sending me some kind of notice regarding their recent success in the ever expanding realm of Zombie Dogs. I just feel like something as cool as the reanimation of puppies is something I should have brought to my attention on the silver platter of knowledge of the Steel City.

Dude. We can make dogs come back to life.

I can't get over how cool that is, in the literal sense that it involves the replacement of blood with a saline solution at 7 degrees C, followed by the replacement of the blood a few hours later.

Anyway, on to more personal, less broad news.

McDonald's sucks at figuring out that only if the schedule you give the managers to let them know who's working and the schedule you give the employee to let them know when they work match can the employee show up. Accordingly, I had to go into work last night after counting on the night off because the scheduler forgot to actually tell me about it. Not that bad, except that I wasn't at home (so that the trip was about doubled) and that I'd made other plans. But, having finished work at 5:30 am today, I've been given tonight off. Which is nice. Kinda.

As an update to a post a while ago, Canada's House has passed Bill C-38 which now moves to their senate and, if it passes there, makes Canada the third nation to fully recognize same-sex marriage. Good for them.

I'm going to go play with the cat.


Rory said...

Dude! Zombie fucking dogs! That rocks.

Steve said...

mmm same sex marriage and zombie dogs...Sounds like a big win for the america's today. What have Europe and Asia, and Africa done to compare?