Saturday, June 25, 2005

Felis Concolor

We've entered into a new era, ladies and gentlemen. This era has snuck up on us, quietly. Like a cougar in the night. Full Disclosure: I have no clue whether or not cougars sneak with any reasonable ability. I imagine they do, because they're somewhat closely related to leopards and jaguars, and every reasonable depiction of those in sculpture, hood ornament and fantasy art seem to indicate that they can sneak, but cougars, for all I know, could be like a Wampa. Not so much on the stealth thing as with the brute force, while not actually being real. Anyway, we've entered an era this summer, where I'm not content with one form of entertainment at a time. When society has progressed to a point where I am at the same time writing my thoughts on here, talking on AIM AND watching Seth MacFarlane and Alex Borstein sing a weird little duet on some show that appears to have something to do with Jimmy Kimmel.

To put it simply, we've gone horribly wrong when I am having to be entertained by 3 simultaneous activity.

Furthermore, I'm left stunned trying to figure out why Oprah is on at this hour. No one that watches Oprah is awake. Stop it.

I'm going to go finish my book now while watching the movie I've rented and trying to get away from posting yet again in this infernal blog.

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