Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Rory's right. Coming up with the title is the hardest part.

I'm about to go to the Pirates/Nationals game where they'll try to regain some of that momentum they had during the last homestand, though they're only hanging around Pittsburgh until tomorrow's game, after which they head back to St. Louis. There's still hope that they'll be able to finish this series having taken two games and the matchup seems fairly even. Slaw-o may have to watch out for RJ getting hurled on to the field by disgruntled Pirates fans if the Nats start to pull away.

Meanwhile, everyone in the world has gotten a new blog, including Jenna, RJ and Betush. I'm working on getting D$ to get a blog, but sieving dirt is today's activity of the moment. I'll continue the good fight when I get back from the game.

Not too much I can think of to comment on at this moment in the news frontier, other than that Natalee Holloway is now the permanent top story, which confuses the living hell out of me. The family is threatening suit to be able to see the evidence in the case, completely disregarding Aruban law. They've also hired a Texas ...group... to continue the search, because they apparently believe that the entire Aruban government and a sizeable bit of the FBI are incompetent. If it were me, I'd be suing whoever keeps throwing the pictures around that show that either the Holloway family needs to find a place that does better red-eye reduction or that Natalee was possessed. The fact that her face has the same pose in every picture and looks like it was just cut and pasted on to bodies is also disconcerting.

The Klansman guy, Edgar Ray Killen, was found guilty of manslaughter for the killing of three civil rights workers exactly 41 years after they occurred. He took swipes at reporters while leaving and faces 3-60 years for the killings. Sentencing will take place Friday at 10, and I can only hope that they don't try to bring the sentence down due to the advanced age of the defendant. Living for 41 years as a free man does not, in my mind, make it ok to reduce his punishment.

MSNBC's new attempt at letting Tucker Carlson have a job is blasted in Slate this week. I thought it was funny, but that's probably just because I'm not a Carlson fan. Whaddya know.

...Nope. Don't have much to comment on about current events, despite what the last three paragraphs indicate. These aren't the droids you're looking for. Move along.

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Steve said...

I didn't know you had a blog. But now I do. Subscribed!