Wednesday, June 08, 2005

T-shirts, ads, and 6-1 victories.

The guy from T-Shirt Hell has reposted his Worse than Hell section after being allegedly poisoned and discussing his decision to take down the more offensive of his shirts with CNN. Good, I say, but only because I can occasionally enjoy some of the offensive humor that Aaron Schwarz sells. I wouldn't blame him for leaving it down after being attacked (though some have called him a coward, I think that's probably more at frustration at being denied entertainment), regardless of the implications that has in the freedom of speech realm. He's still donating "up to" 30% of profits to charities, which is nice. One more millionaire philanthropist doesn't bother me.

They found a Bach Aria written in 1713. Which is cool, particularly for pseudo-culturists like myself and the rest of the senior class whose only real experience of classical and romantic culture is the Beethoven's Symphonies course.

I've been meaning to link to this story, which serves as one of the funniest things I've read in a while that has to do with casual heroin abuse. Ad execs continue to miss the point and illustrate it by linking Janis Joplin's anti-capitalist, anti-materialist lyrics with the very product she's using to illustrate her point.

Incidentally every musician ever has written a song about heroin.

And today marks yet another day of standing around outside a courthouse with nothing new to say. Greta Van Susteren of Gretawire fame explored what on earth it matters what the jury of the Jackson trial is wearing. No one cared.

And to wrap up what's becoming more and more like a "Current Events" blog, which I'll work against later tonight in another post, the Pirates whomped the Orioles, while ESPN did its best not to give a damn.

As I said, I'll be posting later in a less "link-driven" fashion, but as I've got no readers...

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