Monday, June 06, 2005

Hurricane Nate

Today's Doonesbury finshed what last Sunday's started, with a list of soldiers killed in combat during the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. There has been some blowback from both those that support and those that believe that Trudeau's move is inappropriate, because the list is surrounded by things like Hagar The Horrible, which has somewhat less of a tradition of social commentary and criticism of questionable actions by the government and more of a tradition of "WHOO boy. That Hagar sure does eat." Which is fine. I, for one, think that the tribute is entirely appropriate, especially considering Trudeau's position on the war. As a critic, it shows that he too appreciates the sacrifice of those in the military, which is something I think that hawks sometimes misjudge. Being against the war does not equal being against soldiers.

ANYWAY, the Pirates were able to put together a 5-2 victory over the Braves (today with a nifty Charles Dickens reference), which raises their record to 26-29, or 0.473 in addition to putting them back in third place by half a game (as the Brewers fall to 26-30) and 9.5 games back of the Cards. They're 5-2 this homestand, much better than expected considering the Marlins and Braves are battling it out for first in their division. Tomorrow, we start against the O's, and we'll see how that goes. Additionally, Ryan Doumit has been brought up, with Ty Wigginton sent down in the process.

Good. He certainly didn't pick up any fans in Pittsburgh after whining to the press about being relegated to the bench after playing like he did in april (0.145 AVG), so maybe he'll find someone that will hang out with him in Indiana.

On an interesting note, Wikipedia gives a list of hurricane names to be used in 2005. That's kinda cool.

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