Sunday, June 19, 2005



I haven't updated in a few days which, trust me here, was eating at me slowly. It started as a gnawing around my liver, then took my spleen, slowly making its way to my brain, where I was forced against my will to sit down at the computer and type this while the television's on.

Let's go with a review. I'm now employed at the "no real responsibility" job of the summer, working fast food in Harmarville. Aside from the occasional burning, feh, not that bad. Plus, it has officially convinced me that I would have to be out of my goddamn mind to eat anything from McDonalds ever again. And, interestingly enough, "flipping burgers" is now offically not at all what happens. I was unaware.

The Discovery Channel has narrowed the field on who the Greatest American is down to George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr., and Ronald Reagan. Sadly, we've entered an age where Oprah Winfrey beats out Rosa Parks, and Elvis beats out Thomas Jefferson and JFK. Also, George W. Bush was #6, which I think has to be somewhat akin to Rolling Stone deciding that Eminem should have TWO of the top 500 albums of all time. Just because it's current doesn't mean it's better. Particularly with GWB.

Rick Santorum spoke out again, which gave me an enormous headache and made me hope that the people of Pennsylvania can do what makes sense and get him the hell out of office next year. Unfortunately, I have no control over that, as I'll be in Illinois and think that I can't absentee, as my residence is changing.

The Pirates come back from a 1-5 road trip tomorrow to face the Nationals, which means that RJ is the happiest man alive (as he gets to see his Nats this week). Today's loss against the Red Sox was particularly disgusting, as our Bucs made at least three mistakes that I remember cautioning about in Little League. Precisely because we were 12, and therefore making the mistake of...oh...leaving second completely unguarded while the shortstop and second basemen both go out to cut-off a throw from the center-fielder while there's a runner on first is actually somewhat understandable when you're 12. Not when you're in the Major Leagues.

I'm kind of tired now, so I'm going to go to sleep. Go ahead and comment, dear reader. I'll probably add to this tomorrow afternoon.

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