Monday, October 03, 2005

On The Tracks

Quick update before i have to get back to my physical organic textbook.

This morning was less awesome than expected, with a 40 minute wait on the platform of the Granville stop on the Red line, following a maintenance car derailment at 2:40am, which caused no injuries. So I missed almost all of my class, despite getting to the station on time. Feh. Most of what we talked about was still review from when the TA taught the class, so I didn't miss much. I just wish I would have known to sleep in, but I guess it did get me here. Whatever.

Bush nominates his lawyer for a position on the Supreme Court (filling O'Connor's seat) in a move that can be more or less aptly described as confusing. She's got no judicial experience, but is close to Bush, and that seems to be the prerequisite. This should be a tougher nomination than Roberts', but we'll see about that.

I can't get enough money together to go to a NU Football game, but this guy can do whatever the hell he wants, and what he wants is to play helper to some researchers on the ISS. He does work with near-infrared sensors, and so while I may not understand why people can do this, I'm happy that that whole "science doctorate" thing seems to have worked out for this guy.

The Pirates are happy they get to go home to their families and Chicago is praying like hell that someone around here can win a baseball game or two. Or three. Personally? I'm optimistic about the White Sox' chances against Boston. Boston's pitching has broken down, they're relying very heavily on Ortiz and Ramirez to get the job done, and the White Sox strength is their pitching, which surged back at the end of the regular season to capture 8 of their last 10 games and a 1.57 ERA in the last eight starts. Pat has both teams in his "AL Don't Like" category,which I thought was mildly interesting. While Chicago suffered a drop from their 15-game lead atop the AL Central as of August 1, they were 19-12 since September first. The Red Sox have had a similar 18-13 record in the same timespan.

I'm going to go do something productive now.


Pat said...

I did make that list before the matchups were finalized, when I did that post I was thinking the Red Sox were going to win the East and not play the White Sox.

-Murphy said...

I know. And in general, I agree with it, which is why I thought it was interesting. Because neither team has been putting up their best right now, and it's odd that one of them has to make it past the Division Series. Right now, it looks to me like a Cards/Angels series, though I'd particularly like an Angels/White Sox ALCS, just so that I can watch ESPN kind of stutter and have nothing to say, now that they've been playing up another Yankees/Red Sox matchup.

Pat said...

I'm surprised to see that despite all the hype for more Yankees/Red Sox most of the analysts on ESPN have singled out the Astros and/or the Angels for the series, which are probably the two teams I'd pick right now. The fact that the Angels are so hot (14-2 down the stretch) is going completely ignored. As for the 'Stros, it's going to be very hard to 4 games in a series where Pettite, Clemens, and Oswalt start six games (or three games in a series where they start all five or four out of the five). So for those two reasons, I have to agree with everyone that's singled those two teams out right now.