Sunday, October 23, 2005

World Series: Murphspot Coverage, Post Game 1

It's Sunday, and I'm having quite the time trying to force myself into studying Structural Inorganic. As soon as this post is up, however, I'm heading off to the lab to finish this off and possibly do some grading so that the Thursday Night Grade-Fest doesn't become an official weekly experience.

On The World Series:

"Give me the refrigerator-lookin' one"

Or, rather, the closer that throws 100mph fastballs and started the season as an acquisition from the Angels' scrap heap.

Chicago claimed the 5-3 victory in game one over the Astros, with Clemens leaving after the second (he appeared to be half limping once he'd reached the dugout) with a bad hamstring. The Sox bullpen, which was last used in July 1973, didn't show any signs of rust, retiring batters right when they needed to be retired (Ozzie's decision to leave Contreras in notwithstanding). Cotts and Jenks both exemplified Chicago's "Wake us when you're in trouble" bullpen and Ozzie's sign to bring out Jenks (spreading his arms wide and tall, to avoid any confusion as to which rightie he wanted) was a good thing, and if nothing else seemed to confuse the viewer even further, as neither Ozzie or any of the White Sox seemed to realize that they're in the World Series. They played relaxed, steady, good baseball, aside from Contreras' control problems. Houston, I should note, was quite good, but wasn't able to come up with the runs when they needed them. Yes, Clemens' departure probably had a sizeable impact on the game (though he had given up three runs by the time he left) and so Houston's fans should not look at the Game 1 loss as an insurmountable setback.

Also, I'm convinced that Joe Crede is one of the X-Men. Remarkable plays when they needed to happen.

The way it's raining here right now, I wouldn't be entirely shocked if the game tonight doesn't happen, but we'll see. Game 2 at 7:05 tonight (though claims 6:30, Fox will probably find a way to stretch the pregame as long as possible).

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