Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Dr. Skipper.

So, what's up today then now.

Grubbs (of catalysis fame) splits the Nobel Prize in Chemistry with Schrock and Chauvin for green chemistry. Good for them. Upon seeing that green chemistry had won the Nobel Prize, I held out a few seconds hope that Everyone's Favorite New Zealander Terry had somehow done something incredible that led to the Nobel Prize, but no. Just Grubbs.

Reuters reports that Britons steal everything that's not nailed to the floor and on fire. Which is fun.

Harriet Miers is busy telling everyone that everything's going to be ok if she's appointed to the Supreme Court. It appears she's got some support, though it's from Frist, Brownback and, somewhat unexpectedly, Reid. Slate's running an article which points out that she's no Sandra Day O'Connor, though it's not entirely clear if that's really relevant. We'll see how this plays out.

The White Sox destroyed Boston in the first game of the ALDS "B", though it's important for Chicago fans to remember that this Boston team has a tendency to kind of bounce back from things. Still, that puts the ChiSox one game closer to the ALCS, which I'm all for. Boston's bloggers responded by insulting White Sox fans. Yes, White Sox fans are excited. They've got the best record in the American League, were in or tied for first place in the AL Central for every single day of the season, and still they're being written off. So when they trounce the defending Champs by 12 runs, of course they're going to be happy. What I would caution them against is getting too cocky. It's important to remember that the Love must continue.

Bananas are an interesting food. In other news, that is.


Jenna said...

It looks like they're dancing together at a middle school dance, singing along to Boyz II Men

-Murphy said...

It's also interesting to note that Ozzie sits behind Terry in bio and that Ozzie's long held crush on Terry was fulfilled in early september, when Mr. Francona circled "yes" in a note passed between the two.