Sunday, October 09, 2005

So, don't I look silly.

Before you jump to the most obvious conclusion that my title would seem to indicate, yes. My apartment was burglarized. Or burgled, if you're in to being British. My pants and wallet (less the $12 that was in the wallet) were found in a garbage chute that my apartment has, but my keys were gone. My reaction?

1) Hey, cool, my apartment building has a garbage chute!
2) I've got my pants back (which were new) and my identification, along with my bus pass, so I can at least survive, seeing as how I couldn't cash checks without ID. Identification, not Intelligent Design. No one has ever asked me my take on the origin of species before allowing me to buy something with a personal check, but it's not something I'd rule out.
3) Thank god this guy was only after the $12 in my pocket (How much crack can you buy with that, incidentally? Send your answers to subtleadmissionofbeingoncrack@chicagopolice.cops) and didn't freak out and try to kill me or anything.

I've got new locks installed (the same as before, courtesy Horizon Realty Group) and an additional chain lock. My feeling is that if he comes across that, while he could kick it in, gives me a little time that I'd notice him being there to call the police, plus he wouldn't risk the hassle of such an overt break in. The guy that was on the security tape attempting to break into the complex at 2am approached me later that night, trying to convince me to let him in. Then threatening me. Then giving up. Then asking for money. So I went inside, called the cops on him, and went about my business.

Which all looks completely silly in the context that Over 20,000 have died as the result of a magnitude 7.6 quake Saturday. While I haven't heard opportunists jumping on this one to claim that this is an indication of End Times, or that the earthquake was in retaliation for something (as Repent America's claim that Katrina's devastation was caused by a gay pride event), I'm sure it'll be out there. Still, the constant barrage of disasters lately drives home at least the mortality point, which makes me even more thankful that nothing happened after that guy's break-in on Thursday.

In Lighter News:

The White Sox finished an ALDS sweep of the Red Sox friday night, which inches closer to the ESPN nightmare that is a Yankee/RedSox-free ALCS. Personally, I'm glad. Immediately after the game, the animosity on message boards between ChiSox and BoSox fans disappeared, for the most part, as BoSox fans accepted defeat gracefully and wished the White Sox luck in the next series. There were still some ChiSox fans who rubbed it in the faces of the BoSox fans who had just seen their World Champions swept out of the first round, and some BoSox fans that attributed the White Sox win entirely to luck and continued to claim that the Red Sox would win if only the series was a bit longer. Tim Wakefield is one of these, who claimed on ESPN that this series shows that "The better team doesn't always win", which we'll refer to as a "2004 Derek Jeter". The Sox (White Sox will be implied until their season is over) will start Contreras in the first game of the ALCS, choosing to go with the guy who's hot right now, rather than the well rested (and possibly rusting) Jon Garland, who will start Game 3.

Buccos are interviewing Ex-A's manager Ken Macha tomorrow, and Ex-Dodgers Guy Jim Tracy Tuesday. Evidence so far seems to point toward Tracy getting the position, though personally I'd like to see Macha take it, considering his work with the A's. I promise this is not stolen from WHYGAVS. We just agree on this thing.

The straight-to-DVD release "Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story" was quite good. I actually watched one of the legitimate, rented copies, rather than downloading it like everyone else in the world. I won't say it was terrific, as it was more or less just three episodes with some hint of continuity and tons and tons of cut-away jokes, but whatever. If you like the show, you'll probably enjoy this.

And Wacky Waving Inflatable Arms Flailing Tube Man.

I've got a test tomorrow, so I'm going to get back to the studying thing.


Jenna said...

Why don't the Pirates just save some money by getting Brad Eldred's dad to manage? And then he can take them all out for ice cream after the game.

Rory said...

They can same more money then that and just let me do it.