Monday, October 10, 2005


Still studying, listening to something about one of those people that tickets your car for parking somewhere you shouldn't, or simply not returning to it for a while to deposit another quarter, and messing around with userscripts I don't understand. We'll see what happens with that.

Baseballprospectus reviews the Pirates season in their Notebook as though it were a version of Rounders.. Surprise! The report gives at least a bit of credit to having rookies up for a long-ish time, though we didn't bring as many up as the Braves or Rockies. In their assessment, Bay's the only thing we have going our way offensively. They laud Chris Duffy while threatening to revoke Eldred's status-as-prospect, criticize the Bucs for not getting rid of Mesa (preferring to keep him on to destroy chances we had of winning games) and claims that Wells and Redman both "deserved" 15 more wins than they got, blaming their lack of success on a lack of support. I'll agree with that, though Kip had some spotty starts on his own without the lack of help from the offense. They end claiming that 2006 will be a "make or break year". We'll see.

Some of you are fans of Family Guy. If that's the case, you may remember a particularly odd bit where Stewie does a very strange rendition of "Rocketman" in three personas. You may have been kept awake at night worrying about the well-being of the Family Guy writers. To ease your suffering, no. They're not crazy. William Shatner is loonier than an outhouse rat, but they're fine. Enjoy Shatner's 1978 performance that Stewie's bit was stolen from based on. If nothing else, it at least keeps the opinion alive that William Shatner is not well.

Awesome, but not well.


Rory said...

If you proclaim to be a Family Guy fan I find it unacceptable that it took you this long to discover that reference.

-Murphy said...

I'd seen it before, but it never occured to me to hunt it down on iFilms to post it. Jenna came across it yesterday, and so up it went.

Rory said...

Speaking of coming across.
for your intelligent design commentary.

-Murphy said...

On that note,