Wednesday, September 28, 2005

First General Meeting.

So let's see here.

In Baseball:

The Bucs actually pulled out a win against the Cubs yesterday, with Duke going 8 innings giving up only one earned run (two unearned), which is actually quite an accomplishment anymore. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to make it out to Wrigley for the game, and as tonight's game is at 2:20 pm and I've got a meeting with SonBinh Nguyen about his research at 2pm, I'm probably not going today either. Life goes on.

The White Sox are making the citizens of Chicago cry. That said, their magic number shrunk to four yesterday, but not because of anything they've done. Watching what I did of the game yesterday, they were actually looking quite a bit like the Pirates have offensively this year. The Tigers were handing them the game over and over, walking eight, but the Sox, in what's eerily familiar, looked at it and decided it'd be better to just go back to the dugout for a nice sit-down.

So the AL Central is being decided by whether or not the Indians can lose enough games, rather than whether the White Sox can win, while the Yankees and Red Sox actually tied. That's probably interesting.

This guy at United States of Baseball hates football. As an article goes, it's somewhat amusing.


In news:

Slate's got an interesting bit about why Americans are so resistant to the increase in gas prices (the answer: most people can't actually do anything about how much gas they need, and so have no option but to pay for the more expensive gas. It makes the rather obvious connection that if gas prices were incredibly high for...say...five years, a more visible response would be noted as people would have time to save money up to buy a hybrid/move closer to work/fix everything. So the plea from the federal government to "drive only when you have to". Environmental groups are worried that the president's sudden conservationalism hints toward an intended rollback of environmental protection measures. Unfortunately, Bush limits his conservation ideals to being an extremely temporary cause in response to Hurricane Katrina, rather than "Hey, we're running out of gas and it's going up in price anyway, so maybe we should stop that whole driving all the time thing...".

Oh well.

I'm going to go ahead and start doing some work again.

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