Thursday, September 08, 2005

Done with that.

Proficiency exams are, at long last, over and done with. Now, I've just got to sit back, pass out from not being able to sleep last night, wake up, sit back up, and wait for tomorrow to come so that I might learn if I need to take classes to make up deficiency. As the system stands, I've got to do that if I test below a certain score (based on the average of the scores from this year's class). Evidently, that's about to change to a system where you're required to take those make-up courses anyway and you're rather testing "out", which is how I'm going to choose to pretend this is happening now.

Jack Shafer presents an interesting case against rebuilding New Orleans. While I have to say it's hard to imagine somewhere like the Big Easy not coming back, his argument points out that, for a great many of us that don't live there, our view is more nostalgic than practical. I'm not positive why he makes race such a huge issue, really, in his case against rebuilding, and it almost...well, whatever.

Now, to do important things. Like let time pass.

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