Monday, September 19, 2005

Four Counts of Freakin' Awesome

So, let's go down, in no particular order, things that are awesome.

  • I rented Dawn of the Dead on Friday night, then proceeded to half-watch it while I played flash games and reveled in my not having work or a roommate to entertain me at about 1 am Central. I'm atoning for that now, when I have to get up in a few hours. I'm just going to say...holy hilarious, Batman. Not only is it more satire/comedy than horror anyway, but it's also very strange to see zombies shambling around and falling over in what very clearly is Monroeville Mall as well as seeing one guy/zombie's shirt clearly references Pitcairn of all places.

  • I've been really worried about buying books, especially since I just spent all of my money moving to Chicago and still haven't been paid by Northwestern only to discover that SHAZAM I own one of the books. Two editions too early, but Cotton's Chemical Applications of Group Theory have never been so sweet.

  • People commenting!

  • Ken Foree, along with Zombie Hare Krishnas, Zombie Nuns, and peppy little Zombie 7-year olds. No. The Zombie Baby from the 2004 remake ain't got nothin' on the peppy Zombie 7-year olds. The Zombie Baby was dumb. Yes. That's technically related to bullet number one, but it's 3:30 am and I think I forgot what I was going to have be the fourth count of awesome, and don't want to change the title.


Rory said...

Great Moments in History

1215- Magna Carta Signed
1492- Columbus Discovers America
1853- Gadsden Purchase
2005- Murphy Realized Comments=Good

Jenna said...

4 Other Places Sort of Near Monroeville Mall That I Hope Were Referenced In Dawn of the Dead, Not Yet Having Seen It

1. Nearby field of flowing grain and butterflies that would be destroyed in 1993 to build Borders

2. Dress Barn, in the Miracle Mile

3. King's Motel, which at that time was lodging place to the stars (well, maybe the stars of that movie, at least)

4. Wall

Rory said...

You can't figure out how to get to Pittsburgh, but you're hoping they say something about Wall? What's wrong with you?