Sunday, September 11, 2005

No Title Entered.

Roundup, because I haven’t really gone near current events in a while.

In Sports:

The Pirates dropped 2 of 3 against the Reds, sunrise, sunset. Paul Maholm did good work until the seventh, but whatever. It’s not as though anyone in Pittsburgh was actually watching, as today was the season’s first Steelers game and …well, they win sometimes. Today, for example. In real Pirates news, they’re finally giving an indication that they’re not picking up Mesa’s option for the 2006 season, as given in the ”Mother of God what were we thinking having this guy close for us, but we’re still probably going to let him close every now and again” article.


In news:

Arlen Specter (the relatively sane senator of Pennsylvania) is against nominating Alberto Gonzales to the Supreme Court to take Sandra Day O’Connor’s seat, which hasn’t actually been done yet.

Conservatives don’t think he’s conservative enough, liberals don’t think he’s moderate enough, and Specter refused to comment on what he thought of Gonzales’ politics. Specter makes it clear that he’d like to see another woman on the court, provided he finds someone that can do the job, but hesitates to imply that there’s a quota system, as that is bad for business. Gonzales’ nomination would make him the first Hispanic on the Supreme Court (good if you’re trying to court the growing Hispanic vote, I guess) and the chances of it happening are improved by being very good friends with Bush.

Personally? I’d say leave him at Attorney General. We’ve just got him through the appointment process on a vote that went almost entirely along party lines. Just let him do his job there, rather than wrapping him up in another appointment hearing and having the public go through another Attorney General appointment. Besides which, I’m less frightened of him as Attorney General than as a Justice, as I’m not sure I’m entirely trustworthy of a Justice who thinks of the Geneva Conventions as “quaint and obsolete”.

This technically isn’t news until Gonzales is, maybe, nominated on Tuesday.
Again!  Whatever.

In news that most of my readers will find most interesting among the three stories, German brewers have come up with a 25.4% alcohol beer, served in a shot glass. There’s nothing more really to say about that.  

That’s all, then.  I’ve just bought some more cockta.


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