Thursday, March 18, 2010

3rd Annual Murphspot Mascot Bracket - Sweet Sixteen - Midwest/West

#8 UNLV Runnin' Rebels vs. #5 Michigan State Spartans

The Spartans get a lot of credit, but honestly, I'm not sure they have enough going for them to win this. They've got their spears and swords and shields, but they don't have a Smith & Wesson. The Runnin' Rebel presumably does. And the Spartans are led by Gerard Butler, which may have been intimidating if he weren't in every romantic comedy that comes out these days.

Unfortunately for military city-states everywhere, the Spartans don't have enough to make it to the Elite Eight. UNLV advances.

#11 San Diego State Aztecs vs. #15 UCSB Gauchos

Well, Aztecs were in the southern part of Mexico, while gauchos are more associated with the Brazil, Argentina and Chile. If this were the Aztecs vs. the Charros (horsemen from mexico, not Charo, which would be terrifying, but not as relevant), it might have some weird political undertones. As it stands, we have a 15th century empire in Mesoamerica going up against what I've previously established as "Ninja Cowboys". This one goes to the Gauchos due to their superior weaponry and ability to disappear into the shadows. UCSB advances

#9 Florida State Seminoles vs. #4 Vanderbilt Commodores

Again with the making me uncomfortable with the inherent politics of the mascot bracket. But this is my lot in life, so I had better just get down to it. The Seminoles are one of the few NCAA teams to use their mascot with permission from the Seminole Tribe of Florida, which is nice. Still, the Commodores have cannons, subordinates and recorded "Brick House".
If this were the Murphspot Funk Bracket, this would be over already

Good luck getting that out of your head ever. Vanderbilt advances.

#14 Oakland Golden Grizzlies vs. #7 Brigham Young Cougars

These bear/large cat matchups are both entirely too common and still somehow pretty awesome. Given that I've already had the Golden Grizzlies beat the Panthers and have established them as sufficiently badass to take down P. concolor generally, but particularly if they're from Provo. Have you seen the flag Provo came up with?

This is the flag Provo came up with. Prrrovo!

Oakland advances.

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