Sunday, February 10, 2008

Winter is Enjoyable

I was trying to think of what I should write here today (and might write a better post after I do some more cleaning), but was having a lot of trouble. What could the reason be? The fact that I got up late today and spent the day doing laundry, cleaning dishes and buying groceries while watching Batman Begins? Possible. I'm going to go with "was more concerned with the fact that I couldn't feel my extremities."

I knew it was going to be cold when I moved to Chicago. It has a sort of reputation for that, which I think is generally overblown. This weekend, though, has been absurd. It's been downright tropical over the last week (mid-thirties!) but suddenly we're back to a -25F wind chill and me looking like this while typing.

That light isn't from my lamp. I've strategically set a few fires for warmth. Perhaps I should talk to someone about the heat.

I'll have something of substance to post tomorrow, but for now, I'm going to keep cleaning because it allows me to be near hot water.

1 comment:

Kriss said...

You look kind of... evil. Are you evil?

Actually, you look sneaky.