Monday, February 04, 2008

The Game

You probably thought I was going to have a lapse in my daily posting. And that, I submit, is just a horrible underestimation of my dedication to this thing.

By which I mean you'd have been right. I'm exhausted now and would really like to lie down and sleep, but this is way too early in this experiment to fall behind.

The appetizer situation was solved by a brilliant purchase of bagel chips and spinach dip at the Morse Market.

Saved the night about as much as David Tyree

I'd do a recap of the game, but everyone saw it, those of us who are rational and were cheering for the Giants rejoiced while those of us who have souls blacker than a starless night wept. A team of researchers is trying to determine how the hell Eli avoided that sack. And, this year at least, I was happy to see the Giants pull it off, and I was glad to see them pull it off in such a solid game, where the officials stayed out of it for the most part and didn't make any enormous mistakes. I was going to make reference to some joker who tried to explain that the Patriots actually won if you screw around with how the clock was kept and presume that the Giants wouldn't have changed their strategy if there was no time left, but he's removed it from YouTube, presumably because Fark picked up the link. He seems to be a minority, though. I haven't read too many Pats fans who are doing anything but giving the Giants credit. Incidentally, if you want some entertainment, go read one of the Fark threads on the Super Bowl.

It what is undoubtedly a bigger game, however, Team Rich Ahn (because our captain didn't get the team name to him on time, so they used his name) had a matchup against "Kaibigan". If you'll recall from the video, our last attempt at floor hockey resulted in a 6-1 loss, three broken legs and our head coach's resignation. Tonight, however, things were different, except that I stuck with #19.
Why the hell not.

We were much more coordinated on offense along with absolutely stellar defense (our third period goalie, Meera, had two saves on two shots on goal, as did the goalie for the first two periods Erin.) Their goalie was solid, blocked me four times and had a terrific stop against Steven, but could not sustain the awesome throughout. One goal by Preeti, a goal by Erin (on which I'm claiming an assist) and a sick backhanded goal by Steven tied up a 3-0 shutout.

Because this is the Northwestern Intramural system, there's only one game left in the regular season. Then the playoffs arrive.

This is going to be intense. Come to Murphspot for all your intramural hockey needs. For all your actual hockey needs, you'll want The Pensblog. OT losses that move us into a 3-way tie for first are not kosher by Murphspot, but I'll leave the recapping on that to the people that do it best.


Kriss said...

A... 3 game season?

-Murphy said...


It's a complete joke. It has to be, because the games are once a week and these kids get all whiny if they have to take more than one break from studying.

That's only kind of not true.

Anyway, yeah. Playoffs are, as far as I know, single elimination, so we'll see how that goes. Either we'll be out of it or knock off some of the better teams, as happened with softball first year. BSalsa over, I think, Beta (the #1 seed). They were not happy. At all.

Rory said...

That was brilliant.

Rich Ahn might not be the worst name ever. If you take the Pittsburgh phonetic spelling of downtown, "downtahn" then Ahn replaces Own. So your team is Rich Own. Or is 'ahn' = 'iron' like Ahn City Beer. I've been gone for a while, but that works too.


Meera said...

i can't decide if i really want to win the playoffs, or if the accompanying trophy (yes, in my head NU IM champions get a GIANT engraved trophy) that says "winners and champeens: team rich ahn" would depress the hell out of me. i mean what's the point of being a hockey champ when we can't come up with a decent team name.

also, check it out i'm reading your blog WOOOOO.