Tuesday, February 26, 2008


I'm currently in Day Two of an attempted reset of my sleep schedule. It's not so much a problem for me to keep absurd hours in the summer, because it's possible to bike home most days and therefore I'm not tied to the Purple Line schedule on when I have to leave Evanston (about 1am). Lately though, I've only been able to ride sporadically because of this whole winter deal (and the fact that Evanston doesn't actually, technically plow their roads, to the point that you can discern the line between Evanston and Chicago by road condition) and so it's become somewhat of a concern for me.

Plus, eating lunch at 4pm is not very social of me, and I've been working on fixing that.

So I've decided to try a reboot. I fell asleep at about 10:30pm after Sunday's hockey game, then woke up at 2am, and enjoyed a nice, lengthy 10pm to 4am nap-thing this morning. Hopefully, I'll be able to keep this up, because I really do like shocking my labmates by actually being in the lab before they are.

More updates as they come in, most likely in the form of me passing out on my keyboard at about three in the afternoon.

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Anonymous said...

Certain people in Pittsburgh might like your new hours. Some friends of theirs keep asking how the nocturnal Ryan is... But as long as you sometimes let them know that you are still among the living they don't or rather she doesn't care what time you call and ask for a recipe. Because the he that goes with the she will always let her answer the tellie!
Love from the both of them!!!