Saturday, February 23, 2008

My Sincerest Apologies

You may or may not have noticed the counter at the bottom of this column on the right here. It's somewhat useless, but serves as a good thing for me to base my self esteem on. I'm not really concerned with how many visitors this blog gets, because it's more a way for me to write down what I'm thinking than to overcome the insurmountable odds to have my blog noticed among the millions of others as somehow insightful or entertaining. What I do enjoy looking at, however, is the other statistics that it happens to include. Wednesday's still the day more people read this than any other day, and most people seem to do that between the hours of eight and nine in the morning (which is funny to me because I'm so rarely awake during that time). Most people use Internet Explorer and most people use Windows XP, though there are some people who find it using Firefox or on a Mac. There are even forty-four visits from someone using Linux, which prompts me to try to remember if the time I've spent writing this blog overlaps with the six months I was using a Linux machine. But none of that is really what interests me.

I'm interested in how people find my blog. For which the "Referrals" tab is incredibly useful.

Most commonly, it's a direct hit, or a link from my profile at the forums at Rum & Monkey. Occasionally, people will show up from Livejournal owing to the feed that Scott set up one day. And occasionally, people will find it through searches. An oddly high number of visitors resulting from searches that come up with this image this picture of my tattoo. A few in the past few days for people poking around technorati for people talking about Simon Pegg or The Toasters. But then, every so often, someone finds this thing through searches that I just don't understand fully.

Today, someone found Murphspot by typing "women crotch" into Altavista.

Which is kind of disturbing, and raises a few questions. One of them being "Hot damn! People still use Altavista?" The other being what on earth links that query and my blog. I'm presuming it's this post about where the eyes of men and women go when looking at George Brett and contains a Spın̈al Tap joke. That post does indeed contain both the word "women" and the word "crotch". If it's not that, I'm not sure I want to know what it is. Either way, to the person who was looking for crotches and ended up here, I apologize. However, if you could maybe open up a second window and look elsewhere for crotches while reading about politics and zombie movies, that'd be fine.

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