Saturday, August 06, 2005

Time for Some Tender Chicken Heads

You know, usually when I sit down to write these things, it's because I've seen or heard something in the news, or have just read something online that I feel I need to either point out or add commentary to. And because I get sudden pains when I've gone too long without ending a sentence in a preposition in a written public format. Usually, those things that make click on "create post" are something newsworthy, so you might be expecting that I'll be commenting on the situation with the Russian sub that's trapped underwater or Robert Novak throwing a tantrum or something along those lines. Or because I feel obligated for no apparent rational reason.

You, sir, are mistaken. It was Ranch Dressing, a History. As for me, I could take it or leave it. I like it on, oh, I don't know, a chicken sandwich, but as for pouring the stuff on salad (defeating the purpose of eating a salad in the first place, it seems, if you're just going to pour seasoned mayo on it), I'm not much of a fan. I mean, if it's all you've got and it's a choice between that and bleach and undressed salad is forbidden by a new constitutional amendment, I'll probably go with the Ranch, but I'll be thinking about vinagrettes.

What I like is that its name is derived from a very literal ranch.

NYTimes seems to have been getting some mail following a suggestion that Pluto be demoted to non-planet status, but most of the arguments seem lackluster at best. The focus is either: "Hey now! Having more planets is cool! How dare you suggest we lose planets!" (Counter: Why not count every asteroid then, as well as comets and the like. Surely THOUSANDS of planets is more exciting.) or "Why do you discriminate against Pluto simply because it's far from the sun? It's got a moon!" (Counter: Distance from the sun should be somewhat irrelevant as things that are closer are not considered planets. Whether or not it's got a satellite or a double is debatable at least, though it does, as noted have something, though counting this as a planet criterion would force making one of the new things into a planet as it's got a moon) or "My grandchild is a freakin' genius and knows corporate icons. How dare you take away a chance for her to remember more names!" (Actually...sure. Whatever.) In the end, having another planet just makes it harder for things to align and I'd quite like to win the lottery. But whatever.

I've got less than a week of work left and I that's just fine. I'm about ready to get back to the whole studying things thing. Besides, it'll give me something to post about that doesn't include juicy Chicken Selects. Then again, thinking back on the actual lifestyle induced by studying chemistry, posting about McDonalds food is probably far from over.

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Steve said...

I dislike ranch because it comes in large tubs that I have to unpack and put on a shelf. Also if we get rid of planet Pluto, what will planet's Goofy, Mickey, and Minnie say?