Wednesday, August 10, 2005


Remarkable, Dr. Barnaby.

This has got to be the fourth time I've logged in here with the intention of writing something, but ran away before I could get anything significant down. So let's get this thing started, then, shall we?

Typically, if I write about sports on here, it's going to be about the Pirates. Not so today. Today, I'd like to talk about quite possibly the most entertaing thing to ever appear on ESPN2. This thing. The World's Strongest Man thing. Holy freaking thing. This thing is more magical than anything. Thing thing thing. If you haven't seen this...turn on ESPN 2 at around 2am nightly until you happen upon it. I could probably do some research into figure out how to tell you to find it more accurately, but I don't care that much. Anyway, the concept of watching men with names like "Magnus" and "Mariusz" who are not so much on steroids as completely filled with steroids try to outdo each other with an enormously out there version of every Nickelodeon game show from the early 1990's...terrific. I guarantee you that there's a basement somewhere where the illicit drugs flow like water in order to help conversations like "Dude...we'll...TWO refrigerators. We'll make them carry two refrigerators," and "Yeah...WAIT. Kegs. Make them throw KEGS. Kegs are awesome." I've never seen any other sport in which the athlete starts bleeding simply for no other reason than that they're performing the sport.

ALSO IN NEWS...this jackass. Yes, appparently it's possible to be dumb enough to forget that Grand Theft Auto III and the real world are different. Thankfully, the jury found him guilty, not as he pleaded, which was "not guilty by mental defect". Certainly, it's a good thing to be able to submit such a plea, but not when the mental defect is "OH NO I PLAY TOO MANY VIDEO GAMES AND CANNOT DIFFERENTIATE BETWEEN THEM AND REALITY". Additionally, this is probably going to lead to even more censorship talk, which I won't comment on right now.

Finally, today is day 7 of 9 consecutive days at work, culminating with my final day ending at 6am on Saturday. Therefore...I win.


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