Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Have a sandwich good sir.

Mobility has been achieved.

This post is being written on the new laptop. I'm quite very happy about that, and will be doing what I can to not allow this machine to suck as much in a few years as the relic this is replacing. This is also actually the first time I'm able to blog from somehwere other than a giant cubicle like thing.

Things that are happening NOW:

It's the bottom of the seventh inning, and the Pirates are up 7-0 over the Cards, which I'm not really able to comprehend. Even more incomprehensible is that I thought about going, then decided not to on the basis that I'd be doing so alone AND that I need money for rent AND that I'm going later this week anyway AND I didn't really want to see Zach Duke get his first major league loss, which I was convinced would happen as we are, after all, playing the Cards and usually when good things come to an end, they do so when I'm at them.

Clearly, my powers of prescience leave something to be desired, though Duke's outing will not result in a decision as he left in the second with an ankle injury. Combined with Castillo's year ending spiked knee injury, this constitutes a frowny face if ever a frowny face was constituted.

In other, less Piratey news:

They're (Transportation Security Administration) considering relaxing airport security restrictions, which would allow small knives, razor blades and box cutters (read: precisely what the people who perpetrated the attack that was the impetus for trying to make airports more secure used) legal. As someone who's going to have to fly again eventually, I wish they'd reconsider. I tend to be somewhat on the side of not trading civil liberties for security, at least in drastic cases, but this is so minor as to be what should be a complete nonissue.

On the other side of that, Pittsburgh International is considering allowing non-passengers past the initial checkpoint, which would actually make the AirMall thing something that could be, you know, used.



I'm glad that during the writing of these things, I check the Wikipedia current events and recent deaths feature. Otherwise, I'd completely miss the passing of those people that have substantially shaped our lives.

Like this guy.

The Moog guy. The guy that invented the Moog synthesizer that served to pioneer electronic music. How about that.

Oh. Correction. I said in the convictions post that Dennis Rader was going to be available for parole in 40 years. This is incorrect. His sentences will be served consecutively, not concurrently, so the earliest he'll be able to receive a parole hearing will be in 175 years. Sorry for the inaccuracy.

UPDATE: It's now the bottom of the eighth, 8-0 Pirates, bases loaded, 0 outs and Ryan Doumit at the plate with an 0-1 count.

1-2, low and away.
2-2, away.
2-2, foul.
Base hit to right field, scoring Restovich, bases remain loaded, 9-0 Pirates.

I'm done doing that now, as I doubt it'd be interesting to read.

Ryan News: I affirmed my belief with an ex-employee of the Primanti Bros. store at the Galleria at Pittsburgh Mills, that the store is utterly useless as there are THOUSANDS of other stores that sell Pittsburgh related T-shirts, and they don't actually sell Primanti Bros. Sandwiches. Thanks, Cory, for making me feel slightly less irrational.


Jenna said...

My family has some record that must have come out right after the Moog was invented or something. I can't find it now, but it's something like "The MOOG Plays Your Favorite Hits"

I'll have to dig it out and listen to it. If I can stop listening to the Kinks for 15 minutes.

Steve said...

I actually found

1-2, low and away.
2-2, away.
2-2, foul.
Base hit to right field, scoring Restovich, bases remain loaded, 9-0 Pirates.

quite fun to read. So no Ryan Murphy, thank you!