Sunday, August 21, 2005



Ok. So, in Paris-Hilton-esque fashion, i'm going to start this off by talking about my possessions. I know. I did that just a few days ago when I was talking about having an apartment now. This one is almost more important.

I have a lease.
Which actually lets me stay in the apartment provided I pay rent on time. Only two parts confuse me. It's accompanied by an air conditioner rider, which more or less says that they'll let me use the air conditioner that was built into the wall when the building went up (rather than central air that's controllable in every room, there's literally a damn air conditioner in the brick), and that I have to take care of it and take it out by October 1. ... I'd be glad to. Because I'm doubting I'll need it much, but it appears to be firmly built into the damned wall. So...we'll see. I don't know what I have to do abou that yet. The second is that pets are banned. It makes this abundantly clear, repeating over and over that pets are banned. At the end of the statement about pets, it says that cats are allowed.


I kind of want to get a cat, forgetting for a moment that I'm mildly allergic and that I'd have to choose between getting it shots and eating. I just feel like I should now that they've given me the option.

In other possessions:

I have a diagnosis for alopecia areata. EVEN MORE SPECIFICALLY, it's currently alopecia areata barbae. Meaning there's a spot in the beard area that should be growing hair but isn't because my immune system has decided it hates very specific hair follicles. It's not indicative of a greater disease, and the damage is mostly to the alopecia patient's self esteem, so I don't care and am instantly better.

Despite the previous possession, I also have a goatee again. Which makes this summer's job officially over, because I'm not shaving this damn thing off. Oh, the bald spot is like...40% of the way down my neck, so I'm not going to want hair there anyway.

I have no money, having spent more than I probably should have at the liquidation sale of a local video rental store. But that led to me owning Shaun of the Dead on DVD, so I'm ok with this one.

I have go do something else now.


Steve said...

I think I have that weird no hair in certain spots of my beard disease too. Either that or I just haven't hit puberty yet.

Anonymous said...

As for the cat clause, you need to obtain a second contract/update to lease in which you pay even more of a security deposit so that you might have one of these most welcome cats. Give me a call when you get out here so I can show you around.