Wednesday, August 03, 2005

All I Can Afford Is Particle Board

I try not to post about issues ongoing in the news that I learn of specifically from other blogs. That's a lie. I do that quite a bit. Here's the thing. Pat of WHYGAVS has already brought this up, but I need to comment.

Because I do.

The Pirates have unveiled the 2006 All-Star Game logo, which was designed in the hopes that it could win some variety of "ugly as sin" contest. While the design itself isn't bad and does effectively incorporate the Pittsburgh Skyline, it's also been colored using leftover egg dyes from last Easter.

Now, onto other things.

I've finally decided on my last day at this summer's Slamfest (that is, "job") and have gotten around to finding an apartment in Chicago. So times in Pittsburgh are fading quickly. Soon, I won't even be able to travel half an hour to watch the Pirates post their legendary gems without being in a sports bar. How terribly sad.

Lastly, I would like to emphasize that among those that share my birthday, evidently, are the inventor of the 'safe' elevator (that is, the inventor of the braking system that allowed them not to crash to the ground, this man, and the lead singer of Metallica, who doesn't get a wikipedia link.

It's also Independence day in Niger. Yay for that, eh.

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Steve said...

a number of my friends from highschool also share the same birthday. enjoy your phone call old guy, and have a happy birthday