Wednesday, February 08, 2006

RCN and Headaches

You know what I love? Sitting on a phone for forty minutes. I did that twice today, the first time to cancel my cable service after they tripled the cost of my cable and internet this month and the second time to find out where I should take my cable box. It turns out the person who canceled my cable didn't actually do so in a manner that, you know, did anything, but rather took the time to fingerpaint a picture of a giraffe. A poor picture of a giraffe. With big thick legs. And it's grey and has no neck and a trunk. So an elephant. Anyway, I'll have to call back again tomorrow to see if these schmucks can get the message that I don't want their crappy cable service and, while I'll pay for what I used this month, I'm not paying $130 for cable and internet.

You know what, I might even be willing to pay that this month if I never had to deal with these incompetent pricks anymore.

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