Monday, February 20, 2006

Hello to you. Monday Roundup.

And once again, I return after however long I've been gone to fill your lives with joy for at least an instant. That might be the instant you close the browser, but it's an instant nonetheless, and it deserves recognition.

Barry Bonds doesn't know if he's going to quit but maybe will, and I can't find it in me to care. Maybe it's the whole Pittsburgh ordeal, but I, for one, grew tired of Barry Bonds pretending to be a martyr for the sport long ago, and his claim that his reason for sticking it out for the 2006 season is a completely unselfish desire to save baseball as a sport seems another attempt to pretend that he's a spotless angel who's done no wrong and is constantly dogged by big mean men in suits with cameras and microphones. I've got to agree with Gene Wojciechowski once again in that if Bonds really does hate playing so much he should get out now.

While I'm sure David Irving knows the law and broke it anyway and is at least now admitting that his major arguments for Holocaust denial are junk, I don't support throwing the guy in jail for having some boneheaded ideas, or writing 30 books about said ideas so that other boneheads could hop on the bandwagon. I don't agree with Irving at all (or didn't, as he's now saying that he was mistaken in denying the Holocaust), but as one who likes being able to say what I wish, I can't approve of locking the man up for what he says, even if what he says is complete rubbish. I imagine this decision will result in a response from electrical engineering professor/Holocaust denier/hack/"No one loves me because I deny the Holocaust boo-hoo" fellow Arthur Butz, but I suppose we'll just have to wait for that.

The Sun Times is filling its pages with the incredibly relevant story that yes, we now think of gas prices around $2.30 as being low, where as last summer, they were high. Whatever. Shock! Please tune in next year for the same story, when we've decided that $75/gallon is a downright bargain.

*Is glad sometimes that he has to wait for the damn train all the time*


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