Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Oh for the love of all that's sacred.

Working hard at climbing the corporate ladder, but no new clients seem to need your particular services as an advertising whiz? Only $15 dollars a month nets you a ton of new accounts. They might be orcs though. Are there orcs in World of Warcraft?

EDIT: Wikipedia says yes. Oh for the days that being out of the loop meant you didn't know the last name of that chick those Ninja Turtle guys were hanging out with.

It was O'Neil. And she wore some yellow stuff. That's all I've got.

Hooray for nonsensical posting!

EDIT 2-Electric Boogaloo: In light of Wojciechowski's "Stop the whining" article, I thought it'd be a good idea to post a happy little comic detailing what I believe it was like for most of the fellows on from the general Washington area. The two are connected only by the fact that they both reference the whining, and the fact that I hadn't posted Wojciechowski's yet. Though I'd like to point out that the entry that goes along with this comic written by Jerry Holkins does, at least, acknowledge that Seattle made mistakes last sunday.

Once again, Super Bowl Champs \m/


Jenna said...

You are prejudiced against orcs!


I also don't appreciate the racist comments you make whenever the conversation turns toward Gimli son of Gloin.

The Reverend Schmitt., FCD. said...

April O'Neill.