Monday, February 06, 2006

Here we go, Steelers. Here we go. Pittsburgh won the freaking Super Bowl

A few quick notes, because I really do need to get something done.

1) On the Officiating: Yes. It was pretty strange. If I were a Seahawks fan, I'd probably be pretty angry, and might even blame the officials for my team's loss, rather than recognizing that the clock management by my team (the Seahawks in fantasy land) was just atrocious, that the second half was dominated by the Steelers, not only in stopping any Seahawk movement, but just overall dominating. Still, the Hasselbeck tackle and the phantom holding... I just don't get. But then, I don't get the Hasselbeck fumble/reversal.

2) More officiating. The Roethlisberger TD. It seemed to me that the ball broke the plane of the end zone, and that, lacking evidence otherwise, the officials correctly maintained the TD call on the field. So I don't see how that's controversial. And yet, I log on to a messageboard and that's all I'm hearing about. Oh, and the pushoff that resulted in turning a Seahawk TD into a Seahawk FG. He extended his arm. That's a penalty. Just because it went against the Seahawks doesn't mean it was a bad call.

3) I can't believe I'm still hearing about how no one talked about the Seahawks.

4) The Antwaan Randle El touchdown pass to Hines Ward was a thing of beauty.

5) I think it's hilarious that one edit on the Pittsburgh Steelers wikipedia page implies that the Steelers "cheated" their way to a Super Bowl victory by having fans that showed up and were enthusiastic. I'll put off for now the fact that that editor has got some spelling issues.

6) Say what you want about the officiating, but you just can't when a game when thirty seconds (!) pass without anything happening at the end of the first and your "hurry up" offense involves tiny passes for short yardage down the middle. You just can't.

7) Enough about the Seahawks or their Fans. The Steelers are freaking Super Bowl Champions.

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Anonymous said...

How about that WE WON THE SUPER BOWL! The White Sox won the series and Pittsburgh won the Super Bowl! I thought it would never end, I wasn't cocky enough to think that the Steelers would just win the game because they were the Steelers after all you don't get to the Super Bowl without being a great team, Seattle our hats off to you. Now about those defibulators...