Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Cheney, the Heart, Hamas and Paris Hilton

Evidently, Cheney appeared with Brit Hume today about the whole shooting incident, and was, understandably, "soft-spoken and somber", but does note that "You can talk about all of the other conditions that exist at the time but that's the bottom line and-- it was not Harry's fault. You can't blame anybody else," which is should calm down the crew at the Vaughn Building (end of article). It sort of breaks with Katherine Armstrong's assertion that Whittington was at fault (a view supported by Scott McClellan, and his retelling of the story that Whittington was unresponsive kind of breaks with Armstrong's "it knocked him silly, but he was fine" comment.

But whatever.

He didn't say much about why he waited to comment, merely noting that he believed that, as an expert in the field and owner of the ranch, leaving it up to Katharine Armstrong was best. I don't disagree with having her break the story, in an effort to have everything as well worded as possible by someone who knows what they're talking about, but it doesn't answer her choice to wait until the next day.

Meh. Again, whatever. Guy's apparently sitting up, eating, and plans to do some legal work. Go-go indestructible lawyer, I guess.

In other news, Daley has decided that the book for this spring's "One Book, One Chicago" campaign will involve a delightful tromp through Soviet gulags (last fall's pick was "Pride and Prejudice".)

Explainer goes into how the heart symbol (which, as we all know, looks nothing like a heart) is derived from an early form of birth control, the seedpod of the plant sliphium.

Hamas would like to let everyone know that they're still very frightening sons of bitches.

And, while PETA is usually laughably over the top (as when they tried to force the Packers to change their name to the Green Bay Pickers or Green Bay Six-Packers or violent, I'd say it's about damn time someone hit Paris Hilton with flour.


Hal said...

I'd take gulags over Pride and Prejudice.

Any day.

Hal said...

Also, in case you didn't realize . . . I hate the Daily Northwestern.

"Thank you for taking the time to write us. However, we only run one letter per person each quarter. But please do submit something next quarter."

You know what I entitled the letter I sent to them?

"Excuses, Excuses."

Fitting. *Grumble, grumble*