Thursday, December 08, 2005


Some quick updates:

I'm done with finals, and they went... decently. I guess I'll find out on Monday how they really went, but for now, the sheer joy of being done with them is enough for me.

Are you a nation state that would like to participate in the International Red Cross and Red Crescent movement, but you're not sure you're down with the religious connotations that the symbols of Christianity and Islam respectively imply? Or, are you Israel's Magen David Adom, and you'd really like to hang out with those hip cats over in the Red Cross/Red Crescent Lounge? Your dreams have been realized, thanks to the adoption of a third symbol for the movement, the Red Crystal. Personally, I would have called that shape a diamond, and would have been more supportive of a red shaded diffraction pattern as a "Red Crystal", but whatever. Israel and Eritrea have indicated that they will use the Red Crystal, as opposed to the Cross or the Crescent.
Winner, Best Optimistic Statement Concealed In An Announcement On The El:

(Upon Arrival at Grand St., at 500 N.) "This... is Grand."

The Pirates no longer have Dave Williams (Reds), Mark Redman (Royals), Daryle Ward (denied arbitration), José Mesa (Rockies[!]), Rick White (denied Arbitration), Ty Wigginton (released) or Rob Mackowiak (White Sox). They've picked up Sean Casey (Williams), Jonah Bayliss and Chad Blackwell(Redman), Damaso Marte (Mackowiak), Victor Santos (Royals, Rule 5). As with many in the Pittsburgh area, I'm ok with the Casey trade, fine with sending Redman to the Royals for Bayliss and Blackwell, less than enthusiastic about acquiring Damaso "Need a heart attack? I'm your man" Marte, still less about losing Mackowiak in the process and reasonably ok with picking up Santos.

Freddy Sanchez is now our only option at third, but that might change.

I'm kind of sick. And need to clean my apartment.


RCN refuses to let me pay them. Sad.

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Jenna said...

I liked the one you told me where there was some static or something over the intercom, then they said,
This.. is Noyes.

I've still got a week of finals.. boo.