Sunday, December 18, 2005

Notes to Self

Note to Self 1:

When you bother to clean your apartment, in the sense of picking up all the laundry that's everywhere and putting everything in a place that's actually somewhat structured as something that doesn't resemble what I think the death of the universe will look like, it becomes magically enormous. I might take up some kind of aerobics that require thousands and thousands of square feet, because it seems I have that now.

Note to Self 2:

When you're planning on putting in some good hard apartment cleaning but need something in the background so that you'll stop worrying that every sound you hear is the living dead inching closer, it's best to throw on a movie you haven't seen before. Last weekend, I tried to clean my apartment, but put on a movie I'd just purchased and hadn't seen before. Result: Marginally cleaner flatware.

This week: American History X and Princess Mononoke, both of which I've seen probably a dozen times. Result: I now live in the most awesome place ever.

Note to Self 3:

Sometimes, face recognition applications will tell you you look like Bette Davis. Which, even though I'm not particularly female, is fine by me. Bette Davis is pretty attractive. I'd much rather be told I look kind of like Bette Davis than be told I look kind of like Larry Bird. But that's just me.

Note to Self 4: Kimchi Bowl Noodle=Happiness

Note to Self 5: When the sportswriter for decidedly non-sports magazine Slate starts slamming the Pirates organization, you know you're not doing well. Hopefully, they'll get a chance to prove Mr. Peters wrong this year. The article's good introduction if you're completely unfamiliar with how the Marlins seem to like things (win World Series, sell players to anyone with anything, wait a few years, win World Series, repeat) but nothing really new. The Pirates slamming bit is at the end of paragraph seven, if you're interested in what it is, but not interested in the Marlins. I laughed.

Note to Self 6: Go to sleep, Ryan.

*Edit: Props to Meera on the face recognition software. Indeed, I was bored enough to find out that I look like some decidedly weird celebrities.


Meera said...

yay i made your blog!

i did two pics - one from a few years ago and one from a few months ago. i went from looking like l. ron hubbard and ralph nader to bridgette bardo and courtney cox. hmm...i guess i'm doing something right?

Hal said...

Hey Ryan, remember how we were marvelling at the cost of those drinks? Well, it looks like somebody else just raised the bar:

Chicago Bar serves up $950 cocktail