Wednesday, December 21, 2005


I'm not a fan of the Boston Red Sox. I was glad they won it in 2004, though that was probably helped along by the fact that to win it they had to take out the Yankees and the Cardinals, who I'm not a fan of to a greater degree (the Angels, Dodgers, Astros and Twins I could not care any less about). Then, some of the fans started to get to me. First there was the fact that everybody on the face of the earth was a Red Sox fan. Then the whole "Fever Pitch" thing. I could deal with the Dropkick Murphys remake of "Tessie", but that's based more on the fact that it's a pretty decent remake.

But I don't have any real ill will toward the Red Sox, other than the jealousy (as that's what it is) that goes with the #2 payroll team in baseball.

Still. The Red Sox Messageboards on are, at this moment, incredibly hilarious. Calls for riots, assault, implementation of a salary cap (teehee? It's funny because the fans that are calling for it are fans of a team that would be strongly affected by it, what with the 2005 payroll at $124 million) and all around persecution complex induced by Johnny Damon's move to the Yankees for four years at $52 million. Some suggest boycotts (presumably because their front office wasn't the one that overpaid him by even more than the Yankees are overpaying him) and all out abandonment of the Red Sox.

I know. The people on are not representative of most baseball fans, and the forums themselves are downright scary in their current state as a mess of thoughtless moderating (the word "shirt", as in a garment worn on the torso is banned) and the worst trolling I've ever seen. But assault?

I know. A Pirates fan complaining about any other team whining about anything is hypocritical. To that, "tu quoque" is my only possible reply.

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