Sunday, December 04, 2005

Theremin Music Here

Two things before I get back to studying Inorganic.

1) Have you seen Big Fish? Nice little Tim Burton movie in which Ewan McGregor plays some guy from the South. Tall tales and lies and what have you. I realized yesterday that I am now in one of the first tales of the movie, which is essentially a rehashing of an old legend where the hero does something (in Big Fish, that something is looking into the fake eye of a witch living in an abandoned house) and is able to see how he will die. I've had the same basic experience, except that "witch's eye" has been substituted with "bicycle reflector." So how will I die? I'll be hit by one of these jackasses that feels the need to ride full speed down an ice covered sidewalk on their bike.

That isn't to say I'm against bicycling. Quite the contrary. Just... adjust for weather conditions is all I'm asking.

2) Damn Steelers.

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maryellen said...

Did you see that game, we didn't deserve to win! I couldn't watch after the 3rd quarter thought maybe I was a junx.