Sunday, January 15, 2006

Whew. Relief.

The good news is, I think, is that the heart condition I acquired during the Steelers-Colts game can be controlled with medications.

The bad news is that I have to waste more time on this stuff next week.

Really, I don't know what to say that's not already being said by everyone, everywhere. Personally, I'd just like a single playoff season to go by without the officiating being what's talked about after every single game. Yes, they screwed up the pass interference call. They screwed up whether Faneca moved and at the same time, took an inexcusable amount of time to make the call. Yes, they screwed up the Polamalu interception (an update to all of you who haven't seen the new NFL rules: in order for an interception to be an interception, you actually have to burrow into the ground a minimum of seven feet. This is why shovels are placed at strategic locations around the field) which could very reasonably have cost the Steelers the game.

That all ceased to matter following Bettis' fumble. Had we lost it following that, I might have been okay with that. If only because we'd have conclusively been beaten by ourselves, rather than the Officiating/Colts team.

I'm at 66.6%. Now the Bears just have to stop that whole "letting the Panthers go up 7-0 in the first minute or so of the game", and I might just improve this week.

Update: And I drop back down to 50%.

Let's say, for the Championship games next week:

Carolina over Seattle
Pittsburgh over Denver

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Mary Ellen said...

I guess we can start our hearts again I thought we might need one of those portable defibulators for every househld in Pittsburgh. Even though I had to watch it in the kitchen because we did better if I was out of the room (we aren't the least bit superstitious) I think we could have accepted it if we would have been beaten by the Colts and not the officials but we fought back till the end and we can go to Denver with our heads held high and hope for a win on Sunday. But we all better check where the closest posrtable defibulators are kept. By the way the Super Bowl happens to be on your sisters birthday.