Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Hot, Hot Cowher on Officiating action.

I'm remarkably tired, but I can't fall asleep because I'm a bit sick. So I'm going to do this really quick.

1. Monday, the NFL recognized that Pete Morelli's call didn't make any sense any way you look at it. The NY Post, in a really common observation, pointed out that had the Steelers not hung on to the lead, Joey Porter wouldn't be the only one screaming "Fix". Cowher came out today to call Porter's comments ridiculous while recognizing the severity of how off the call was, and ESPN's front page took the opportunity to make Porter look more and more insane every few minutes. The link to an article on Porter's "The whole world loves Peyton Manning." comments changed in the following manner:

  • Porter feels cheated
  • Porter Upset
  • Porter Angry
  • Porter Livid

My favorite by far is "Porter Livid", but I'd have liked to see it hang around the front page long enough to confirm that Joey Porter is the Hulk with the headline "Porter SMASH! GRAHGAAA!"

But that's just me.

In other Steelers: I thought I was having a heart attack as I watched Bettis' first fumble since November 2004, probably exacerbated by the Polamalu interception call, but didn't. This guy did. Thankfully, he's doing ok now but, and I'm being totally serious right now, who does that. Seriously.

Finally, I'd like to apologize. I won't give specifics, but let's suffice it to say I pulled a Collins (if you'd like an explanation, contact RJ or infer what it refers to knowing that KotOR2 is the subject). I tend to be very careful about spoilers, forgot myself today and presumed since I'd heard so much about a specific spoiler that came out in July that it was common knowledge by now. Evidently, no. Not that I really objectively know if the spoiler is true or not, but whatever.


Hal said...

Eh, life goes on.

Oh yeah, and at the end of Star Wars III? Anakin becomes Darth Vader.

Just thought you should know.

-Murphy said...

To quote Vader: