Friday, January 06, 2006

The Green Sayat Kontroversy

Continuing a series of remarkably far apart posts, this is evidently a weekly now. I'm going to try to write more in the upcoming weeks, though I can't make any promises as the winter quarter has just started, sparking a new era of balancing classes with teaching and now, research.

So, away we go.

Jenna's gone home, and if nothing else, her visit allowed me to justify going broke visiting things in Chicago that I probably wouldn't have done otherwise. Two things.

During orientation week for NU's graduate program, one professor or another (Lambert?) included the Green Mill in his presentation. It's a bar at Broadway and Lawrence and has a remarkably bright and flashy sign that's impossible to ignore walking to Borders. Meh. There are lots of flashy bars. But I can honestly say that I regret not taking whoever's advice about going to this place earlier. Alfonso Ponticelli and Swing Gitan were the evening's entertainment, a remarkable little combo in the gypsy/jazz tradition, and I believe it was at about the end of "Puttin' on the Ritz" that I was able to stop constantly fearing the bouncer with the handlebar moustache that warned us against that most heinous of crimes, making absolutely any noise whatsoever. Hooray.

Sayat Nova's odd. A little Armenian restaurant right off of Michigan on Ohio, I'd stop back again. Not much to say about this, really. Typical romantic night out right before Jendar heads back to NYU for the rest of eternity, highlighted, I think, by Jenna's reaction to the appetizer. Something about how she responds to raw beef covered in onions and olive oil is actually rather sweet. Well, relatively to her crying in horror at how she has no concept of how spicy things are actually going to be. The sarma dinner left something to be desired, but it was overall a very pleasant experience. Raw beef and all.

Enough of Murphy=Zagat's.

This semester represents a return to not only bonus-that-isn't-really-bonus-but-is-required-kinda, but two (which is one more than I've ever had) classes in which the professor wrote the text. I'm not sure how I feel about those. Hopefully, it'll work itself out after I actually get the books, but I'm always a bit nervous when that happens. Perhaps because I have no recourse if I feel either the book or course to be lacking. But the classes that are currently happening are both taught by (in the small experience I've had) pretty good professors. I'll update more on how my academic life is consuming my soul after I've had more than a week to get acquainted with everything.

I don't know. I'd rather not tackle subjects like the Sago Mine accident, Ariel Sharon's massive health problems (mostly because I know very little about the latter, and the former's been covered pretty extensively, though I might be on later) or what on earth is going to happen with the playoffs this week (though, in quick fashion, let's say I'll go ahead and pick the Bucs, the Pats, the G-men and the Stillers) as I'm remarkably tired. I'm off to try to read (to no avail, probably) about spectroscopy.

I'd just like to note that Jenna's love for the Kinks is undying. Until she picks another band to latch on to for about a year.


I swear I'll get back to posting more often. Srsly.


Coal Miners Daughter said...

I just wanted to say that since your grandfather was a coal miner for 40 years, I was elated when they announced 12 are Alive and stayed up until 2:00 watching and thinking all is right with the world and then at 7:00 to put the news on and find out that only one, survived was devastating, my prayers to all the families and especially the surviving miner--God Bless You. I hope the billionare that owns the mine will relinquish millions to each family even though that will not take the place of their loved ones.
And to sweet, sweet Jenna thank you for making Murf so incredibly happy. I wish you both a New Year filled with Health, Happiness, Prosperity and most of all much much love.
Go Steelers!!!

Jenna said...

Hey, my love for the Kinks and Kibbeeee and Khikago will never die.

no problem, CMD, and thanks, happy new year to you too.