Friday, January 13, 2006


So that whole updating with more frequency thing was a complete lie.

I really should be reading organometallics, so let's do this quickly, possibly with some updates (including my opinions on actual news) after I go home.

Sports: I'm incredibly nervous about the Steelers-Colts game, which is to say I'm rather pessimistic about the whole thing. I'm beginning to think that's just how I approach sporting events (I'd counted the Steelers out of the Bengals game as early as the first quarter last week), mostly as a mechanism so that I can deal with imminent loss gradually. Rather than all at once. Still, Roethlisberger's healthy this time around, the Colts aren't invincible, and the guy that has the desk across from me said at about week 9 that he wouldn't be suprised if the Colts went 16-0 and lost the first game of the playoffs. I'm hoping that still holds with 14-2.

The Pirates front page is hilarious lately, mostly because they're devoting quite a bit of work to making things seem much better than they are through the methods they've always used. Hernandez (currently 41 years old) will "mentor the young'ns", the young talent will surprise everyone, and so forth. I'll believe it when I see it.


Having missed a Toasters concert on like, my second day in Chicago, I'm not missing the next one, dammit. The next one happens to be February 3rd at a reasonable time (read: 7pm opening, as opposed to 5pm) at the Beat Kitchen. I'm highly anticipating that I'll probably actually not be able to go, as my Organometallics class has tests on Friday evenings and, knowing my luck, Chris will probably set a test for that day, but I'm going if nothing academic stops me.

Any donations that would actually allow me to buy the $12 ticket would be greatly appreciated.

That's it. I'm getting back to work. I'll be back tonight with something.


Rory said...

I'll give you $12 to go to a concert... In CD form next time we're at a store together.

As for the Steelers, I think most of the media is totally missing every point possible. The Steelers D can handle Indy, take away a blown coverage and a failed onside kick and Indy probably scores 16 last game. Plus in the second half they had Manning confused as I'd ever seen him. If the keep up with the stunts and fake blitzes, occasionally drop nine men into coverage like they did vs. the Bengals in the 2nd half, and put Hampton on the field more they'll be fine.

On offense the skill positions are fine, its the offensive line that's the question mark. People are making Marvel Smith's return seem like the second coming, but Smith sucked last week in Cincy and hasn't been that consistent even when healthy. The right side of the line has sucked all year, but the Steelers have gotten past it so its not a factor, Hartings is solid. They key is Faneca. They'll need to help Smith with Freeney and they need to do it with a tight end and not the LG. That's the key. On the first five Steeler pass plays watch LG Alen Faneca: if he's turning to his left too quickly you'll see the rush come through the middle from the Indy DTs or blitzers, and Pittsburgh is doomed; if he's staying in his lane reading the blitz and picking up the man in front of him it'll be a tight ball-game. You'll know in the first ten minutes how the game will turn out. Trust that the coaches will see this as well as I have.

From the football genious that is I. Jenna is never going to read my blog again.

-Murphy said...

I agree that we did just about everything possible to lose that last meetup, and the media has already staked everything it has on Indy taking the Super Bowl for the next few years. I don't know how much I believe that the first ten minutes will show me how the game's turning out, considering the shaky first quarter against Cincy last week.

And I'd just about blocked that onside kick out of my memory. Damn it.

One last comment. Concerning trusting the coaches to see it that way. Having grown up on Pittsburgh sports, I may actually be physically unable to trust a coach/manager to do the stunningly obvious for at least the next 30 years. :D

Jenna said...

I pick Steely Dan over India.Arie

Rory said...

We may still start out down 14-0, but I'm telling you dude, watch Alen Faneca, if he's doing what I say and we're loosing, we'll come back. My prediction.

Rory said...

told ya