Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Riots, T-shirts, and Literal-ness.

So we'll try to get this thing pubished in the next few minutes, such that I can get back to "studying" for my "organic mechanisms exam" so that I don't fail out of "grad school" and have to return to "McDonalds" again. But I should post. Why not.

Blogs that are somewhat interesting:

Blog Of Death which, ok. It attempts to eulogize most of the celebrities that pass away and serves as a commentary of sorts (though less comprehensive, not that they should be criticized for not eulogizing everyone) to the Recent Deaths page on Wikipedia. Decent idea, and I dig it.

Literally, A Weblog, which chronicles incorrect uses of the word "literally" in public media. It's clever and has some good visual puns, though it's interesting that they chose to restrict themselves to the word "literally" alone.

In news:

Paris keeps going, in this case not referring to the infinitely irritating hotel heiress, but rather the rioting in Paris, France, following the electrocution death of two teenagers in a suburb after they touched a transformer in trying to escape from the police, who weren't (according to police) actually chasing them. They claim to have been chasing someone else. It's been escalating like mad following the initial backlash of gangs who blamed police for the teens' deaths and after a tear gas canister (which was the same type used by French riot police) was launched into a mosque.

Chicago's RedEye (an edition of the Tribune) suprised me today with an article on a "girlcott" (which is to say, boycott) by Schenley High School freshman against Abercrombie and Fitch in an attempt to get them to stop selling shirts which degrade women. You'll remember that Abercrombie and Fitch gets in trouble for this all the time and probably won't care. It appears Emma Blackman-Mathis is also a very young gay rights activist. Good for her.

I'm going to go do office hours now.


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Jenna said...

My mom said, "you aren't going to go to Paris in the summer if the riots continue, are you?" I said, "I hope they don't last 8 months.."