Wednesday, November 09, 2005

International Edition

Venezuela: So, I might not be the biggest fan of Pittsburgh pitchers. Wells can make me positively infuriated and the stupidity that leads to spending what, half your season on the DL because you couldn't keep yourself from breaking your toe on a laundry cart... you get what I'm saying here. That said, at least none of them have tried to kill anyone. Granted, he didn't actually succeed, and there's a chance he didn't do anything wrong and the charges are false, but there's also the chance that yes, he did try to light people on fire.

France: French bloggers have been arrested and placed under investigation for "inciting harm to people and property over the internet". The two bloggers arrested so far with the pseudonyms "sarkodead" (a reference to French Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy, criticism of whom has been a rallying point for French rioters after disparaging remarks about the rioters) and "hardcore" (a reference to being "hardcore") don't indicate that there's a coming sweep of French bloggers who are taking the side of the rioters, but it could be in the cards as the French government tries as hard as it can to get some semblance of order back after the thirteenth night of rioting. 6,400 vehicles have been burned, though the rioters appear to be trying to avoid causing damage to private buildings and looting. Personally? I'm somewhat surprised at how long it took Chirac to do something other than kind of refer to it in press conferences before finally calling for a cabinet meeting to declare a state of emergency so that curfews could be enacted on November 8, the thirteenth day into the ordeal.

Austrailia: In lighter things, Gregor's got a =>blog he's being paid for now, and which I enjoy enough to talk about here. He's Austrailian, so you'll have a problem if you can't recall where that is, but the recent posts have been relatively global in nature, as in they cover worldwide news. It's satire-y, so, you know. Expect that. Mostly, this inclusion is more of just a way to somehow associate myself with people who are actually good at writing and have a readership that's actually sizeable, and to express my appreciation for those of us that have jobs that involve either writing smart-ass remarks on the day's news or riding really dangerous things at high, high speeds.

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