Wednesday, June 14, 2006

New Template

I've noticed in reviewing my posts to make sure they haven't been eaten by some form of Blogger elemental, (Yes. Geek. I know.) it's rather hard to read. Turns out grey on black isn't the best for visibility. I've gone to this template for now, perhaps out of a desire for change, perhaps because I've noticed how much more readable going away from the color scheme I had has made Pat's blog. Let me know how you like it (by you, I mean Rory, Jenna and Hal, so the entire readership of my blog), and what I can do to change it. Grad school has more or less halted my attempts to actually learn how to design a decent page (though now that I don't have to TA anymore, it might be possible), so changes I make will probably be variations on the theme here, but any input would help.


Hal said...

As far as templates go, you could have chosen worse.

It's readable. The other wasn't too bad, but this is an improvement. It's one of the less exotic templates, but then, the blogger templates are not known for their style and flair.

I keep telling myself that someday I'll sit down and figure out a nice new look for my blog. Or maybe I'll con someone I know who does computer stuff into doing it (for cheap/free). The reality is that my blog will probably appear the way it does until I leave it out of boredom.

Such is life.

-Murphy said...

Glad to hear. Yeah, design isn't something that I'm going to be able to do so much, and this seemed to have less circles and crap all over it.

Rory said...

I don't understand why people think white text on black background is bad and the reverse is good. I, like most people, have a dark blue background. So opening up a predominantly white website is like staring into the sun.

I don't know how many of your other readers are actually doing their browsing in the day time, I would venture a guess as to few of them, but I do my reading before bed, and I don't like the happy sunshine variety window to disrupt my eventual slumber.

White text on black background is soothing on the eyes, internet savvy people get used to it, and its a lot easier to notice changes in text (italics, bold letters, all caps, devices you frequently use) I think the old way was better.


Pat said...

I never had any problems with the way my site (or, by extension, Murphy's site here) looked, it was other people (read: older people) who were having trouble with the white font on black background. I think the problem is simply that most people aren't used to it. Since most people don't have any explicit problems with dark font on light colors, it's easiest to please everyone that way.