Sunday, June 11, 2006

For any of you familiar with the Pittsburgh Pirates blogging circuit, you've already come across this. For those of you that were unaware there were people who devote an incredible amount of time to blogging the Pirates, well, here's your in.

So, a few months ago now, an idea was hatched on the forums on the subject of a protest organization that would hold the Pirates ownership and inept management accountable for the continued misery of Bucs fans everywhere. As a result, was started, and has recently been featured by WPXI in Pittsburgh and by a sympathetic note on Deadspin. Get a t-shirt from their eBay store and have a good time.

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Jenna said...

Whatever, they're winning all the time now! They are so good!

I do like the logo of this group though.. take out the P and it makes Irate. Then if the Pirates still keep losing, and they get really mad and want to blow some stuff up with bombs they made with fertilizer, they could also have an N swooping in and a T growing up between the I and the R and it would spell Nitrate Fans, I think that would be a good next step for these guys.

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