Sunday, March 05, 2006

Sony. For You.

I've finally submitted to the inevitable, though to my credit I held out for nine years after its inception in 1997. Mostly because for the great majority of that I've been much too strapped for cash to actually afford to submit to this particular inevitablity.

That's right. I've finally bought an mp3 player. Or rather, ATRAC player.

The player specifically is this kidney shaped thing. I caved for the 1GB model,and as yet have not had any trouble with actually using the thing (it's relatively intuitive). It's a nifty little flash-based player, and I've yet to actually use the thing enough to test the claim of 50 hours of battery life. I'd rather I could change the playlists without plugging the thing into the computer and cracking open SonicStage, but I'm willing to live with that. Overall, something that should make it possible for me to forget I'm surrounded by hundreds of carcinogens at most times. More when I'm at work rather than eating fast food.


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